Conditional Clauses

Conditional Clauses

Sentences with ‘if’ in them are called conditional sentences. The clause which contains ‘if’ is called conditional clauses.

1.1. Is it true that you were ill? I didn’t know that.

If I had known that, I would have visited you.

1.2. I hear that he needed some money. Nobody told me. So, I didn’t know.

If I had known that he needed money, I would have given him some.

Match the following clauses:

If I had discovered that he is a cheat,

they would have appointed him.

If he had passed the test,

I would have come.

If it had been a holiday,

It wouldn’t have broken.

If they had called me,

I would never have trusted him.

Had used it carefully,

the officer wouldn’t have come.

2.1. It is 8:40 now. Walk fast, otherwise you will be late.

If you walk slowly, you will be late.

2.2. It is made of glass. Hold it properly. Don’t drop it.

If you drop it, it will break.

Match the following clauses:

If I see him,

I will ask her to take rest.

If he wins,

I will ask for your help.

If she gets tired,

I will tell him the good news.

If they come here,

they will give him a prize.

If it becomes difficult,

I will give them some food.

Complete the following sentences:

  1. If the thief had seen the police, ____________________________________

  1. If _____________________________________, I will go to the kitchen.

  1. If I had earned some money, ______________________________________

  1. If ______________________________________, I will run away.

3.1. I studied in his school. I greeted him whenever I saw him.

If I saw him, I would greet him.

3.2. Joseph was my classmate. We went to school everyday together.

If Joseph went to school, I would go with him.

Match the following clauses:

If I saw him,

His mother would feed him.

If he cried,

I would ask him.

If he ran away,

they would be very happy.

If we gave them some food, we would find him and bring him back.
If the teacher asked questions, I would answer them first.

Complete the following sentences:

  1. If you ate the magic fruit, __________________________________ .
  1. If __________________________, there would be enough water.
  1. If I played well, __________________________________________ .
  1. If __________________________, the river would overflow.

4.1. I cannot be a bird. So I cannot fly.

If I were a bird, I would fly.

4.2. Sometimes I was late. Then I missed the school bus.

If I was late, I would always run to school.

Make 10 meaningful clauses:

If I

was / werethe class monitor,If hean alien,If Ia tiger,If shea bright studentIf Ivery hungry

Make five of the clauses into sentences by adding another clause.

Sreekumar.K/English/Textual Grammar/ 8.0

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