A short play on invitations

The Clever Book Seller

A short Play

Narrator: Would you like to watch a play? This is the story of a salesman. He sells books. One day the manager gives him a new assignment.

Manager: I know you are very good at sales.

Salesman: Thank you, Sir!

M: There will be a training session next week. You must come.

S: My pleasure, Sir

M: Meanwhile, I have some new books here. Would you go for door-to-door

sales today?

S: I’m sorry, but I can’t.

M: Would you like to share with me why you can’t?

S: Surely, Sir! It is summer and I’m afraid I won’t be able to stand the heat.

M: How would you like to take my umbrella with you?

S: That is very nice of you, Sir! Thank you very much!

Narrator: So the salesman went from house to house. However, he couldn’t sell any book.

Salesman: Would you like to give me a second?

Woman: With pleasure!

S: How would you like to take a look at this book?

W: Thank you, but I’m busy now. I am going down to town.

S: That is all right. What about a book on bus timings and subroutes?

W: Thank you, but I am going in my own car. So, I don’t need it.

S: Very good. I have a book on motor vehicle maintenance.

Would you like to see it?

M: I’m afraid I can’t use it, since my husband is an automobile engineer. I am

sorry, but I am in a hurry. You must come later.

S: Sure, I will.

Narrator: He went to the next house, and then the next house and then the next. Finally…..

Salesman: Would you like to…..no never mind (He pretends to go away)

Man: Hey, hey, what is it? Would you like to tell me what it is?

S: I have come to sell……….no don’t bother. Let me go!

M: Would you like to wait a second. May be I can help you!

S: No, no one can help me. I am a total failure.

M: No, no, don’t think like that. How about telling me what you have to sell.

S: No, Sir. It is of no use. Seven people have already refused to buy my


M: So, You are here to sell books. My friend how do you know I won’t buy your


S: I am sure, Sir. I am absolutely sure. You won’t buy even one book. I can

bet my last penny on it.

M: You seem to have no confidence in yourself. Just to prove you wrong I am

going to buy all the books in that box right now.

S: Sir!

M: (Collecting the books and paying.) You must have some confidence in you.

Think positively. Then every one will buy books from you.

S: I was positive, Sir! I was positive that this trick would work.


Sreekumar.K/English/Basic Grammar/15.0

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