Conditional Clauses

Conditional Clauses

Sentences with ‘if’ in them are called conditional sentences. The clause which contains ‘if’ is called a conditional clause.

2.1. It is 8:40 now. Walk fast, otherwise you will be late.

If you walk slowly, you will be late.

2.2. It is made of glass. Hold it properly. Don’t drop it.

If he drops it, it will break.

Match the following clauses:

If I see him,

I will ask her to take rest.

If he wins,

I will ask for your help.

If she gets tired,

I will tell him the good news.

If they come here,

they will give him a prize.

If it becomes difficult,

I will give them some food.

Complete the following sentences with the suggested words given in the brackets:

  1. If Nivedha sees Parkavi , (tell story her the she).


  1. (If Vimeena invite party to me the), I will go.


  1. If you paint a masterpiece, (world you famous become).


  1. If Sharumathy’s father gives her some training, (she match the win).


  1. (If Akash’s cousin meets him the station her at), he will offered her a lift.


  1. (If earlier the come monsoon), Shakthipriya’s garden will look better.


  1. (the If see Jaiks monster), he will run away.


  1. If Viknesh asks Logesh about Gurubalan, (he him tell).


  1. If Sathyavedan calls Mathialagan to play, (he come surely).


  1. (If know the Srinivas answer), he will tell Narendiran.


  1. (pay me if well work for the he), I will be very happy.


  1. (learn If Muthuraman painting oil) (will they him select)


Sreekumar.K/English/Basic Grammar/8.2

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