Operatives and Tenses

The tense of a sentence is decided by the operative it contains.















‘Will’ and ‘shall’ indicates future.

Say which tense the following sentences are in.

  1. We are going to school.
  2. He was coming to see me.
  3. They were looking at it.
  4. She will surely win.
  5. They had done a good job.
  6. We have mastered it.
  7. He sings well.
  8. We play cricket.
  9. She found a way out.
  10. We want to wait.
  11. She is my neighbour.
  12. We decided to go home.
  13. Do you have any money?
  14. Did you understand the question?
  15. Who washed the car?
  16. She removed the glasses.
  17. We did not accuse him.
  18. She negotiated with us.
  19. I acted in a school play.
  20. We cook every day.
  21. He befriended me.
  22. Many people sold their houses.
  23. He offered his car.
  24. We see them every day.
  25. Who planted it?
  26. He speaks well.
  27. They fly away.
  28. We wandered around.
  29. She was my classmate.
  30. I cleaned the room.

Sreekumar.K/English/Basic Grammar/12.0

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