Passive Voice

Passive Voice

Change into passive voice or begin with the underlined word.


  1. They will play cricket.
  2. She will rescue the victim.
  3. We shall save some money.
  4. They have built a house.
  5. She has planned her journey.
  6. We had finished our work.
  7. Most of them were reading books.
  8. Some of my friends are writing stories.
  9. She is singing a song.
  10. He is repairing his bike.
  11. My classmates are presenting their projects.
  12. We have brought some gifts for you.
  13. We have developed a scheme to help the poor.
  14. They will sing the same song.
  15. The lumberjacks have felled several trees.
  16. He completed his work.
  17. We supported him.
  18. They made a movie.


Sreekumar.K/English/Basic Grammar/16.0

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