Phrases and Clauses

Phrases and Clauses


A group of words could be a clause or a phrase. If the group contains an operative or a support, it is a clause. Otherwise, it is a phrase.


Say whether the following groups of words are phrases or clauses.

  1. two apples, three oranges and a banana
  2. he killed a snake
  3. saw them going home
  4. the best book in that book shop
  5. going home after the accident
  6. he ran to the door
  7. dropping his mother’s letter
  8. slowly and carefully the rabbit
  9. she lowered the ladder
  10. there is a beautiful flower vase
  11. on a shelf in the opposite wall
  12. the bear padded down
  13. the leaves of the neem tree
  14. blades of grass
  15. a ray of sunlight bounced off the plate
  16. swinging his head from left to right
  17. they watched
  18. when he had reached the middle
  19. that their bear-chase would displease her
  20. getting to the deep and dark well in the village


Write five phrases and five clauses each containing one of these following words.

went, learnt, dangerous, kitchen, found, friends, ocean, good, excellent, ordinary





Sreekumar.K/English/Basic Grammar/4.0

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