The answer key to some of the questions in Paper I

The questions answers on the comprehension passage…..

  1. We are scared of insects. We think they are unnecessary, useless and harmful. This is what we are taught to believe.
  2. We kill them because they spoil our food, sting us for no reason, carry diseases and ruin our crops.
  3. Our bookish knowledge of insects don’t make us fear them any less. This is because our fears are unreasonable, we can’t be free of them.
  4. The leaves were withering since tiny insects called aphids were feeding on them.
  5. The writer wrapped some sticky tapes around the tree’s trunk at its base. The tape was so sticky that the ants could not crawl over it. The authors plan failed since the ants found a way up the walls of the house to reach the leaves.
  6. Anything is alright so long as there is a proper reason.

The points to be pressed into the summary…….

  1. regarded as unnecessary
  2. live in dread/fear
  3. we kill them
  4. read about them without understanding them fully
  5. filled with revulsion
  6. we have a horror of being harmed but we like their gifts
  7. we carry the unreasonable horrors with us
  8. we are fascinated by them and stand and stare in awe at their actions

Answers to the grammar questions……

  1. The teacher asked Raju where he had been the day before.
  2. We had been advised by some people not to wander there.
  3. Sheena exclaimed that it was really foolish of her to leave out that question.
  4. Many of them knew the answer, didn’t they?
  5. How often does he go to his native place?
  6. The speaker said that honesty is the best policy.
  7. Unless you open the door, you will not come to know what lies behind it.
  8. We didn’t reject the proposal.
  9. We bought some equipment for the lab and some furniture for the classroom.
  10. Seldom do barking dogs bite.

You got tense……..

  1. stopped 2. entered 3. stood 4. said 5. smiled 6. returned 7. told 8. to sit down 9. seemed 10. to have

The prepositions………….

  1. We have been living in this town for eight years.
  2. The ceremony is scheduled to take place on Sunday at 6 p.m.
  3. The farmer’s sons quarrelled among themselves over the share of profit.
  4. The tiger was killed by a stranger with a rifle.
  5. His application for the job was not turned down.

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