Black cat scratching

Black cat scratching (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

Background Score


(For a girl who was lucky enough to die)


She really missed it

It had never left her before

The pain she was born with

Her teachers had told her

Only lepers missed it

She wanted to pinch herself

To see if she was dreaming

How can all her pain vanish

One chilly night just like that!

It had given her an identity

Added meaning to her life

She knew all the colours of blood

From orange to black

And all the shades of pain

From tears to tearing

It came as shiny threads

Black, yellow and crimson

Also as flimsy silk threads

Or chains and chains of yellow metal

Or as words in holy books

Her anklets made no noise

Her bangles had gone silent

Her heartbeats couldn’t be heard

Her breath had become noiseless

She wouldn’t have figured it out

Had the vultures not told her so

Background Score

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