The Rattrap

­The Rattrap by Selma Lagerlof, the Swedish Nobel laureate, reads like a folk tale but holds a very meaningful message for us. In the context of a man’s experience around Christmas time, the story explores the edge experience has over intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. It also highlights the importance compassion has in transforming a person. … Continue reading The Rattrap


At Hiruharama (analysis)

At Hiruharama by Penelope Fitzgerald At Hiruharama is a well crafted story which sustains the reader’s attention through its sympathetic treatment of life. Though there is no winding plot, the story catches our attention and maintains tension and suspense because of the realistic portrayal of adorable characters. The story is about Mr. Tanner and his wife Kitty … Continue reading At Hiruharama (analysis)

The Destructors (analysis)

The Destructors by Graham Green The Destructors by Graham Green is an interesting short story which has allegorical touches. The story tells us how some unruly boys, vying with one another for leadership in their gang, go beyond all levels of evil and redefine it as a motiveless act. There are three levels of characters … Continue reading The Destructors (analysis)