Julius Caesar Quiz



What does the man waiting for Caesar to leave his house give him on the day of his assassination? (from Act 2, Scene 3)

A tribute.

A picture.

A talisman.

A letter.


Who does Lucilius tell the soldier he is when he is captured?(from Act 5, Scene 4)






What does Portia do in Act 2, Scene 4, on the day of Caesar’s assassination? (from Act 2, Scene 4)

Sends Lucius to the Senate House.


Sends a message to Calpurnia.

Prepares a feast.


Who is Caesar’s closest friend? (from Act 2, Scene 3)




Marc Antony.


Who is the first person to warn Caesar of his assassination?(from Act 2, Scene 4)



A soothsayer.



In Act 3, Scene 2, who/what does Brutus say he loved more than Caesar? (from Act 3, Scene 2)



The Senate.



What does Lucilius offer a soldier who captures him to kill him?(from Act 5, Scene 4)


No harm.




In Act 5, Scene 5, what does Brutus see that tells him it is his time to die? (from Act 5, Scene 5)

The end of the battle.

His wife’s image.

Caesar’s ghost.

A golden haze in the clouds.


What does Marc Antony ask the conspirators to let him do when he sees Caesar’s dead body? (from Act 3, Scene 1)

Prepare his body for burial.

Tell his wife.

Be alone with his friend for a moment.

Deliver his eulogy.


Why does Lucius go to the Senate House on the day of Caesar’s assassination? (from Act 2, Scene 4)

To ensure safe passage for Brutus.

To distract Marc Antony.

To check on Brutus and Caesar for Portia.

To help in the assassination.


What news does Lucius bring Brutus from Cassius in Act 4, Scene 2? (from Act 4, Scene 2)

Cassius was a nervous wreck.

Casisus is making plans to join Brutus in his camp.

Cassius was warm and welcoming.

Cassius was polite, but cold.


What does Marc Antony say he is doing when he first addresses the crowd after Caesar’s assassination? (from Act 3, Scene 2)

Burying Caesar.

Remembering Caesar.

Praising Caesar.

Mourning Caesar.


What does Portia hope will happen at the Senate House on the day of Caesar’s assassination? (from Act 2, Scene 4)

Caesar will be crowned.

Brutus will succeed.

Her husband will escape the mob unharmed.

Peace will prevail.


Which of these is NOT a bad omen that Cassius sees the morning before his battle with Marc Antony? (from Act 5, Scene 1)

Snakes in the water.

Ravens flying.

Crows in formation.

Kites flying overhead.


What does Brutus say will result from Caesar’s assassination?(from Act 2, Scene 3)

He will die a martyr.

Peace will reign in Rome.

Rome will rejuvinate and conquer.

Sick men will be made whole.


What are Cassius and Brutus doing while Marc Antony and Octavius are talking in Act 4, Scene 1? (from Act 4, Scene 1)

Forming an army.

Praying to the Gods for victory.

Fleeing Rome.

Begging forgiveness.


What does Marc Antony call Brutus during the parley that cuts most deeply to Brutus? (from Act 5, Scene 1)

A traitor.

A fool.

A liar.

A coward.


What do the people do with Caesar’s body after Marc Antony’s eulogy? (from Act 3, Scene 3)

Bring the holy men to cleanse the body.

Bury it in peace.

Burn it at the holy place.

Place wreathes of flowers on it.


Who helps Cassius kill himself? (from Act 5, Scene 3)






In Act 5, Scene 5, where is Brutus resting while he tries to find a servant to kill him? (from Act 5, Scene 5)

The ground.

A rock.

His tent.

On Cassius’s grave.


Why does Antony want to meet with Brutus when he hears of Caesar’s assassination? (from Act 3, Scene 1)

He needs someone to help him plan the funeral.

He feels that a lone conversation will be more beneficial.

He wants a duel with Brutus.

He knows Brutus must have had a good reason.


What does Marc Antony send Lepidus to fetch after he has told him his new plan in Act 4, Scene 1? (from Act 4, Scene 1)

Caesar’s Will.

Caesar’s money pouch.

Caesar’s property listings.

Caesar’s sword.


Who is the second person to speak to the crowd after Caesar’s assassination? (from Act 3, Scene 2)



Marc Antony.



What are Marc Antony’s plans in Act 4, Scene 1 made to accomplish? (from Act 4, Scene 1)

Avenging Caesar’s death.

Gaining power.

Keeping peace.

Strengthening Rome.


What are the conspirators going to do in Act 2, Scene 3 once they reach the Senate house after passing Artemidorus? (from Act 2, Scene 3)

Kill Caesar.

Pay tribute to Caesar.

Crown Caesar.

Banish Caesar.

Question Excerpt From Julius Caesar Quiz

Q.1)  Why do Flavius and Marullus demand that the decorations be removed from the statues in the opening scene?
A. They were trying to stop the Feast of Lupercal.
B. They did not want the people to celebrate Caesar.
C. They were allergic to the flowers.
D. They were trying to punish the Roman commoners.
Q.2)  What message does the Soothsayer give to Julius Caesar?
A. Beware the Ides of March.
B. Beware the conspiracy.
C. Beware the Ides of May.
D. Beware Brutus and Cassius.
Q.3)  After Caesar refuses to accept the crown offered by Antony, what physical weakness of Caesar’s is revealed to both the crowd and the readers?
A. Blindness
B. Diabetes
C. Epilepsy
D. Chronic Fevers
Q.4)  Which of the following unusual scenes was NOT witnessed by Casca in scene III of Act I?
A. A man whose left hand was on fire but did not burn
B. A lion at the Capitol that looked at him but did not attack
C. One-hundred frightened women who saw men on fire walking the streets
D. A serpent breathing fire in the marketplace
Q.5)  What is the purpose of the notes Cassius sent with Cinna at the end of Act I?
A. To remind Caesar to meet at the Capitol
B. To assure Brutus that plans for the conspiracy were in place
C. To convince Brutus that the Roman people needed him to join the conspiracy
D. To warn Caesar about Brutus’ betrayal
Q.6)  Which character describes Caesar as “a serpent’s egg,” which should be “killed in the shell”?
A. Brutus
B. Casca
C. Cassius
D. Flavius
Q.7)  Choose the letter beside the words that correctly fill in the blanks.

“__________ die many times before their deaths; the __________ never taste of death but once.”

A. Peasants, wealthy
B. The weak, strong
C. Cowards, wise
D. Cowards, valiant
Q.8)  Calphurnia has a terrible nightmare in Act II, Scene II. What happens in the nightmare?
A. Calphurnia enters the Capitol and finds Caesar lying in his own blood.
B. Caesar’s statue spouts blood, and Romans smile as they bathe their hands in it.
C. Senators sit around a coffin laughing jubilantly. Inside the coffin is the body of Caesar.
D. The ghost of Pompey returns to announce the death of Julius Caesar.
Q.9)  Who convinces Casear to go to the Capitol?
A. Calphurnia
B. Brutus
C. Decius
D. Antony
Q.10)  What does Artemidorus write in his letter to Caesar?
A. Praise for his great success
B. A request for help
C. An update on a personal matter
D. A warning about the conspiracy
Q.11)  Which character has “a man’s mind, but a woman’s might”?
A. Portia
B. Caesar
C. Cassius
D. Calphurnia
Q.12)  Which man is assigned the task of stabbing Caesar first?
A. Casca
B. Cinna
C. Cassius
D. Cicero
Q.13)  In Caesar’s final speech before the assassination, he compares himself to which of the following?
A. A mighty lion
B. A golden scepter
C. The northern star
D. The Roman god, Jupiter
Q.14)  Which words were used to alert the conspirators that the time had come to strike?
A. “The time is come!”
B. “Speak hands for me!”
C. “Free Rome from tyranny!”
D. “Raise your daggers!”
Q.15)  What is the name of Brutus’ young servant boy?
A. Lucilius
B. Pindarus
C. Lucius
D. Portia
Q.16)  Which of the following scenarios is used by Cassius to convince Brutus that Caesar is not as great as everyone seems to think he is.
A. Caesar’s “falling sickness” might result in an episode at a critical time for the Roman people.
B. Caesar once lied to gain great wealth by dishonorable means.
C. Caesar has a history of treating his wife very poorly.
D. Caesar once cried like a girl when he was ill.
Q.17)  At the Feast of Lupercal, Caesar says, “Forget not, in your speed, Antonius, to touch Calphurnia.” Why does he say this?
A. Antony is in love with Calphurnia, and Caesar is trying to play matchmaker between the two of them.
B. Calphurnia is a part of the game, and Antony cannot possibly win the race unless he touches her.
C. It is believed that a barren woman touched in the race will become fertile, and Calphurnia has not yet given birth to an heir.
D. Calphurnia is believed to bring good luck to the racers, and Caesar wants Antony to do well.
Q.18)  Brutus loves ____________ more than he fears death.
A. Portia
B. Money
C. Caesar
D. Honor
Q.19)  How many times was the crown offered to Caesar by Antony?
A. 2 times
B. 3 times
C. 5 times
D. 1 time
Q.20)  Who convinces Brutus to join the conspiracy?
A. Cassius
B. Portia
C. Casca
D. Antony 

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