The Siege: Who is WHo

  Anna Mikhailovna Levin Protagonist, Kolya’s mother, Vera’s and Mikhail’s father, nursery assistant at the local nursery school and works under Elizaveta Antonova, falls into a relationship with Andrei, her childhood friend, befriends Maria Petrovna, her father’s lover later in life, works hard at the dacha and saves her own and her brother’s life, very … Continue reading The Siege: Who is WHo


The Destructors

The Destructors by Graham Greene is an interesting short story which has allegorical touches. The story tells us how some unruly boys, vying with one another for leadership in their gang, go beyond all levels of evil and redefine it as a motiveless act. There are three levels of characters in the story: Old Misery who … Continue reading The Destructors

Summer Farm

Summer Farm by Norman MacCaig is a very philosophical poem. Like Frost’s poems, it has a deceptive simplicity about it. In the beginning the poet observes simple things around him but ends up in introspection. He realizes his own place in the universe. He looks at an ordinary pastoral scene. Living and non-living things attract his attention. He … Continue reading Summer Farm

The Sandpiper

Ahdaf Soueif was born in Cairo and educated in Egypt and England. She studied for a PhD in linguistics at the University of Lancaster. Her debut novel, In the Eye of the Sun (1993), set in Egypt and England, recounts the maturing of Asya, a beautiful Egyptian who, by her own admission, "feels more comfortable with art than with life." Her second novel The Map of … Continue reading The Sandpiper

The City Planners

 Meenakshy Minood Sreekumar K   The City Planners by Margaret Atwood is a poem about the changing cityscapes. It conveys the poet’s thoughts feelings and ideas as she passes through a suburban residential area. She takes the reader along with her on the ride with a very common word- ‘these’. This word is followed by … Continue reading The City Planners

Sonnet: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge

This poem, in the form of a sonnet, is different from other poems by Wordsworth in several ways. Romantic poets, usually fed up with what is contemporary and just near them, went for themes which refer to things long ago and far away. Wordsworth too did the same in most of his nature poems. But here we find … Continue reading Sonnet: Composed Upon Westminster Bridge