Taking Control

In Matrix the movie, the oracle asks Neo what powerful people want. He doesn’t have a clue and she tells him. More power. It is really something to see this craving for power in action. Almost everything we do is a way to gain control and empower ourselves or the others. This is seen in potentially weak people. Yes, it is true. Our minds are so power crazy so that no one wants to be left behind when it comes to power. Even avarice is an instance of power.

A weak person usually finds some way of pushing the buttons of those who are physically stronger than him or her and then plays the game like a child with a hand-held video game. If correctly observed we can see them reveling in it. They are empowered by the others who falls an easy prey for them finally.

Once we know the power game principle, we see it all around us and this will tell us what makes people tick. Or click. Information is power. Once you know their tricks, you rule. They lose. But, please don’t start another circle. Games are not worth it.

It is only a waste of time and addictive and dose dependent, to say the least.

More on power soon when the power comes back

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