Where can I find love?



Reflections of love can be found all around you and love can be found only in you. Love is such a thing that it is a state of mind than an experience, a verb and not a noun, its adjectives and adverbs betray it, it is an intransitive verb, which means it has no object. In other words, when you say I love him or her or it, it is not your quality that comes through but rather the quality of the object in question. In the presence of an object, it is a passive voice sentence with the subject and the object misplaced. When you say you love, you are love and when you say you love something, that something is love. The only love one can experience is the love one has. Not the love one gets. It comes from the thankfulness one feels for everything other than oneself which makes than oneself possible. When that gratitude for all that helps our existence gets expressed in thoughts, words and deeds, one not only has, gives and receives love, one becomes love. Short cut to happiness.


You are alone only when you feel lonely.

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