The Painted House

Dear readers and well wishers,

This blog is only 200 hits away from 40,000. And those 200 hits might happen this weekend.

On this happy occasion, I would like to share with you my experience on a tph7different field.

With two of my best friends, I made a second movie.

May be ‘made’ is not the right word since financial support was the only support I could give.

It is an art house movie.     Movie Trailer

        Satish Babusenan and Santosh Babusenan, the directors

Well, the censor board of India blocked it for a while delaying to give us permission to show it anywhere in India on account of three scenes. It was shown first in Toronto.

We had to fight this central government organization in the High Court.

We fought and won.

Because we did put a good fight we were given permission to show the movie without a single cut.

This is the first of such a thing in India. Usually, film makers are forced to budge or relent and cut at least some of it.

We have released this movie online last Friday.

You can watch it for a couple of dollars here. It is available everywhere except in India where it will be released in theatres soon.

The Painted House (with subtitles)



Synopsis of the movie

Gautam is a lonely writer in the autumn of his life. With his handsome face and kindly nature, he is a ‘good man’. But, like so many of us, a man imprisoned by his own fine ideas about himself. He is writing a novel about Nachiketas, the mythical boy who sought out Death to learn its secret.

While at work on the book, Gautam has a heart attack and collapses. The doorbell rings. Vishaya, a beautiful and seductive young woman comes visiting. She asks if she can stay the night and Gautam lets her. Soon he feels that spring has finally entered his lonely life. Their mutual attraction disarms and excites him.

The next day Rahul, a young man turns up asking for help. He repeatedly invites Gautam to visit him but the older man doesn’t take him up on it. Rahul forcibly takes Gautam prisoner and whisks him off to his sprawling deserted house on a hill. The enigmatic Vishaya is also ends up in the house.

The benevolent old writer fights back for his freedom as his soul searching nightmare begins. One where he is forced to confront every belief he has held about himself.

I would like you to watch our movie online here.

I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you friends.

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