What are stuffy words or wordy words?


Some Examples

Try replacing them with better ones!

  1. Accomplish: Raju worked hard and accomplished getting a good job.

    Jack and Jill went up the hill and accomplished the task of getting some water from an old well.

  2. Advise: The elder sisters of Princess September advised her to keep the bird inside the cage and lock it in.

    I was advised by my teacher to practise more maths problems.

  3. In possession of: I am in possession of an old knife which my father had brought from China.

    The old man is in possession of a dozen of old cars which he bought when he was in service.

  4. Anticipate: I did not anticipate the holidays to end so soon.

    He anticipated to get a very high score for the maths test.

  5. Application: He removed the stain from his shirt with the repeated application of a rare detergent.

    He healed his wound by repeated application of an antiseptic lotion.

  6. Ascertain: It is hard to ascertain the damage caused by the cyclone.

    I cannot ascertain the real value of the pen which I had got as a gift.

  7. By the name of: I know a scientist by the name of David.

    Do you have a chemical by the name of Chlorinate of Carbon?

  8. Caused injuries to: The accident in the science lab caused injuries to several students.

    The glass dome fell on those standing below and caused injuries to several of them.

  9. Concerning: There was a lot of confusion concerning the date of the exam.

    There was a lot of discussion concerning who should pay for the damage.

  10. Fabricate: There was no evidence against him other than what was fabricated by the police.

    He was arrested for fabricating some documents for getting a loan from the bank.

  11. Deem: I didn’t deem it necessary to tell him why we had asked him to come fast.

    I deemed that he was telling the right answer but I was wrong.

  12. Desire: It was always my desire to buy a car called Dezire.

    I have a great desire to get the job on a civil servant.

  13. Disclose: He has not disclosed the secret of his ability to run so fast.

    He disclosed who the winner was much before the result was announced.

  14. Endeavour: He endeavoured to get a very high score in the final exam.

    He endeavoured to get a place in the national games team.

  15. Ensuing: When you commit a crime you should be prepared to face the ensuing problems.

    Though we were very bold, none of us were ready to face the ensuing complications of the risky adventure.

  16. Eschew: The irrelevant part of the article were eschewed by the chief editor.

    Can you see to it that the hardest questions are eschewed from the class test?

  17. Forward: Can you forward this message to the General Manager?

    I forwarded the plan to the higher authorities.

  18. Furnish: He furnished the police with more evidence concerning the murder.

    Green leaves furnish a lot of vitamins.

  19. Have need for: I have no need for an employer who sleeps at work.

    You can use my bicycle since I have no need for that for another week.

  20. In lieu of: I can give you two days of casual leave in lieu of your hard work tonight.

    He got nothing in lieu of all the work he had put it.

  21. In the even that: In the even that he is absent you may talk to his assistant.

    In the event that it rains, you can resume the work tomorrow.

  22. Indicate: The dark clouds indicate that it is going to rain.

    The red signal indicates that we should stop and wait.

  23. Initiate: He has been able to initiate some good social work in his village.

    The protest was initiated by the minister’s refusal to apologise for his comment.

  24. Is of the opinion: We are all of the opinion that he should have kept quiet.

    He is of the opinion that God resides in everything around us.

  25. Kindly: Kindly tell you friend to reply to my letter formally.

    Kindly close the door when you go out.

  26. Lengthy: The comprehension question was too lengthy to be done in an hour.

    Why are you making such lengthy reports about all sorts of trivial problems?

  27. Locate: The police located the place where the thief was hiding.

    The teacher asked me to locate the Sahara desert on the map.

  28. Methodology: I am not sure whether the methodology they used to find out the trace of copper in biscuits was right.

    The engineer used an interesting methodology to test the dam’s strength.

  29. Not too distant future: Space travel will become cheap in not too distant future.

    We will have a war for water in not too distant future.

  30. Partially: The book was partially lifted from old books.

    The ventricle is partially divided in animals.

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