50,000 and counting!

On an occasion when our blog reached 50,000 hits from people living in almost every country in the world, I am happy to share with you a note on a simple but effective social change: Yes, the Pending Coffee movement.

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It is in Malayalam, so translation.

Pending Coffee

Ethnic Taste (name of the shop)

Dear Friends,

The extra money you give when you drink a cup of tea of coffee from this shop will be used to give free tea and coffee to those who needs it.

Since a cup of tea costs only INR 7, make sure your extra payment is in the multiples of seven.

Any one is welcome to give or take as they please… after all there aren’t any aliens, really.

Try this in your city. A lot of idea to inspire you and support you can be found on the net. 600 kilometers away from here, people are doing it with meals. There no one is hungry anymore.

This idea not only satiates one’s hunger but also makes one love the society that otherwise they hate. It is not the government ( an abstract idea ) that is taking care of them, but it is people like them who do that. Who said humanity is dead when it is so alive and kicking (hunger on its face).

Best wishes for suspending more and more coffee and even meals.


One thought on “50,000 and counting!

  1. The Merchants of Venice
    Characters: Queen Elizabeth, Shakespeare, Shylock, Portia, Antonio, Bassanio, Gobbo, Gratiano,
    (The following conversation is in the same tone as Skyfall and uses the same music)
    The Queen: But Shakespeare, this play is ridiculous. I never thought of you as a racist. Coming from a man who wrote Othello whom you matched with Desdemona, this is atrocious, to say the least.
    Shakespeare: Her Highness, you have grossly misunderstood me and I take it to my heart that you did so. I have given the clue in the title itself!
    The Queen: What about the title? Merchant of Venice, right?
    Shakespeare: Yes, but it is not about a merchant at all!
    The Queen: O my gosh! You are right. How you fooled me!
    Shakespeare: Not fooled you Her Highness! May be I was too subtle.
    The Queen: As always! Now, how can you prove you were not being a racist?
    Shakespeare: I was not being a racist Her Highness. I was even politically correct
    The Queen: Politically correct? Such idea are a full four centuries too early!
    Shakespeare: No Her Highness. Such values are eternal and do not belong to one century or another.
    The Queen: OK Go on..
    Shakespeare: Let me call up on the witnesses
    Enter Shylock, Portia, Antonio, Bassanio, Gobbo, Gratiano

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