My Parents by Stephen Spender

Stephen Spender’s poems are noted for their response to the social issues as well as for the element of nostalgia. In My Parents he talks about his own childhood. Born to highly educated parents, Spender had a conventional bringing up. In the first line of this poem, though he says that his (My) parents kept … Continue reading My Parents by Stephen Spender



love is not what it is so long as there is a sense lying bleeding white along your presence, sending signals out and in a stranger who left without leaving his business card mortal dust on hidden talents flying up in the air fogging the view everything goes over rated everyone goes over prized as … Continue reading LOVE

Song: Tears Idle Tears by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Notes by Sreekumar K Question: How effective is Tennyson’s treatment of nostalgia as a theme in his poem Tears, Idle Tears? Tennyson’s poem Tears, Idle Tears is an intriguing work of art. It is the direct experience of his state of mind after one of his visits to the Tintern Abbey. Not being a narrative … Continue reading Song: Tears Idle Tears by Alfred, Lord Tennyson

The Last Leaf by O’ Henry (William Sydney Porter)

 Notes by Sreekumar K The Last Leaf is a typical O’ Henry story with its unmistakable twist at the end. It is the story of Behrman’s supreme sacrifice in order to save the life of a girl told through the eyes of her friend. Sue and Johnsy, two artists live on the second floor of … Continue reading The Last Leaf by O’ Henry (William Sydney Porter)

Heart and Mind by Edith Sitwell

Notes by Sreekumar K Heart and Mind, written in 1944, has been hailed as a typical Edith Sitwell poem. Her ideas about time, consciousness and love which appear in most of her poems are explored in depth and expressed with power in this poem. In this poem she works through imagery and narrative devices. The … Continue reading Heart and Mind by Edith Sitwell