English Grammar Class


In India and in some other countries, the midsummer vacation has started. Heat prevents children from going out to attend summer classes. I think this might be the right time to hone our writing skills. You are mostly indoors with nothing much to do. So, using the possibilities of WhatsApp and a YouTube channel, we are launching a new program in English accuracy, a program which took twenty years of action research in a wide variety of schools. Spoken  or communicative English may be a long shot, but written English is a short term goal since there is a chance to review, edit and redo. One can correct and teach others to correct their drafts if they master these simple rules which are unconventional and innovative to the core. Remember that this is not a new method of teaching grammar but a new grammar itself. The facilitators chosen are writers and speakers who make a living out of it. As soon as we have a hundred members in our group we can start. When we have a thousand members, free print outs of exercises will be sent to those who need it for the cost of postage only. So, use this chance, click on the link below and join our WhatsApp group. 


Thank you!


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