Jigsaw Puzzles and Life

It is a common phenomenon for things to have a pattern of the whole in hidden in their parts. The presence of DNA in every cell is a perfect example. A jigsaw puzzle is another. It is present around us and tells us a lot about what goes around us and how they go. Jigsaw puzzles had been interesting … Continue reading Jigsaw Puzzles and Life

Prisoners of Speech

  A zoo is a wonderful place. It is where we meet some of our long lost relatives and feel proud of being more highly established in life than any of them. We are different from the other animals mainly because we are able to use symbols. Symbols are simple and convenient ways of dealing with the … Continue reading Prisoners of Speech

The Rattrap

The Rattrap by Selma Lagerlof, the Swedish Nobel laureate, reads like a folk tale but holds a very meaningful message for us. In the context of a man’s experience around Christmas time, the story explores the edge experience has over intelligence, knowledge and wisdom. It also highlights the importance compassion has in transforming a person. The story features a vagabond who earned his … Continue reading The Rattrap

Illusion and Reality in Macbeth

Illusion and Reality Illusion as a corollary of reality seems to be a favourite theme for Shakespeare. The theater itself is a world of illusion and Shakespeare talks endlessly about it. The news from the new world and the flood of Greek and Roman literature also would have influenced Shakespeare to explore this aspect of … Continue reading Illusion and Reality in Macbeth