Conditional Clauses III

Lesson 14.3

Conditional Clauses III

It is also possible for a condition to go unfulfilled in the past and its expected consequence also didn’t happen.

1. Is it true that you were ill? I didn’t know that.

If I had known that, I would have visited you.

2. I hear that he needed some money. Nobody told me. So, I didn’t know.

If I had known that he needed money, I would have given him some.

This structure is very useful when we have to express our apology for something that didn’t happen or didn’t happen properly. This is also used to express irritation and frustration over failed projects!


Complete the following sentences with the suggested words given in the brackets:

  1. If they had seen him, (tell police the they).
  2. (If friend my invite party to me the), I would have attended it.
  3. If you had painted a masterpiece, (world you famous become).
  4. If my father had given me some training, (I match the win).
  5. (If Sruthi’s cousin meet her the station railway at), he would have offered her a lift.
  6. (If early the come monsoon), my garden would have looked better now.
  7. (the if see the poor monster man), it would have felt sorry for him.
  8. If they had asked me the question, (I it answer).
  9. If you had cooked it properly, (it good taste).
  10. (my had brother school same join), it would have been good for me.
  11. (pay me if well work for the they), I would have been very happy.
  12. (learn I painting oil) (have they me select)

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