What do the command words mean?

Command words and what they mean

  1. Analyse examine in detail to show meaning, identify elements and the relationship between them
  2. Assess make an informed judgement
  3. Compare identify/comment on similarities and/or differences
  4. Consider review and respond to given information
  5. Contrast identify/comment on differences
  6. Demonstrate show how or give an example
  7. Describe state the points of a topic / give characteristics and main features
  8. Develop take forward to a more advanced stage or build upon given information
  9. Discuss write about issue(s) or topic(s) in depth in a structured way
  10. Evaluate judge or calculate the quality, importance, amount, or value of something
  11. Examine investigate closely, in detail
  12. Explain set out purposes or reasons / make the relationships between things evident / provide why and/or how and support with relevant evidence
  13. Give produce an answer from a given source or recall/memory
  14. Identify name/select/recognise
  15. Justify support a case with evidence/argument
  16. State express in clear terms
  17. Suggest apply knowledge and understanding to situations where there are a range of valid responses in order to make proposals
  18. Summarise select and present the main points, without detail

Phrases such as ‘To what extent …?’ may also be seen in the assessment.

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