Learning Difficulties? or Learned Difficulties?

Learning difficulty, learning difference, dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia…whatever name you give it, it is basically dysteachia, the difficulty some teachers have in teaching some children. This statement comes from Thomas Armstrong, one of the leaders in dealing with children who have problems in schools. He also says that school problems are school’s problems, not the child’s problems.

It may be not so hard to find the right student because all of them are right students, but it is very hard to find the right teacher because there aren’t many. This has prompted us to offer help to those who face any kind of difficulty is schools by providing the right teachers to suit their needs. We have on our crew teachers who have expertise in this field. Their good track record proves their quality. Anywhere in India, we are willing to offer this service to those who find any kind of difficulty at school. Teachers, training, contact classes, online classes, counselling and workshops are arranged.

Contact: sreekumarteacher@gmail.com

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