Wonder Sreekumar K Uththaman hadn’t expected to be found out this soon. He had been staying with Viswanathan for a long time now. He had come here planning to continue his studies. Viswanathan was the editor and owner of a small time newspaper and a really knowledgeable man and more than anything a good family… Read More


Lesson 9.1 Participles What we usually refer to as ‘-ing’ form has different names. It is also called present participle or gerund. Of course, there is a difference and it is good to know that difference. But, here, for the sake of convenience, we are not bothered about what its name is. We think only… Read More Participles

Reported Speech

Lesson 7.1 Reported Speech English teacher: This is a very important lesson. Our English teacher said that this was a very important lesson. The first sentence contains the actual words of the speaker. Usually this appears in quotations, like, The English teacher said, “This is a very important lesson.” However, when you go home and… Read More Reported Speech


Lesson 5.1 All of you had a day’s rest. And still we find that some of you were working hard on finishing the homework. We got a good number of finished home work. There wasn’t much to correct and this shows that the lessons were easy to follow. Feeling so happy about that! Tenses make… Read More Tenses