Remedial Grammar

I Choose formal usage.  During the Vietnam War, Admiral Elko Zumwalt, (was, were) commanding a special group of sailors in small boats. These boats (was, were) called “brown-water” units because they patrolled the muddy rivers of South Vietnam. Under Admiral Zumwalt’s command (was, were) his own son Lieutenant Elmo Zumwalt III. The brown-water casualty rates… Read More Remedial Grammar

Reporting Questions

Reporting Questions Most of the time, we are asking questions. As you know, asking questions is a wonderful way of seeking and finding information. Sometimes we have to ask the same questions to different people to find the right answer. In that case, we may have to repeat other people’s questions to find the answer.… Read More Reporting Questions

Conditional Clauses

Conditional Clauses Sentences with ‘if’ in them are called conditional sentences. The clause which contains ‘if’ is called a conditional clause. 2.1. It is 8:40 now. Walk fast, otherwise you will be late. If you walk slowly, you will be late. 2.2. It is made of glass. Hold it properly. Don’t drop it. If he… Read More Conditional Clauses

Question Tags

Questions Operatives: is, are, am, was, were, do, does, did, has, have, hadSupports: will, would, shall, should, can, could, may, might, need, dare, must, ought to, used to The operatives and support are very important in grammar. Underline the operatives and supports in the following list. go is come see are take am was sit… Read More Question Tags