Pakistani children play near th

What are reactions?

Reacting is doing something in return. It is a response. Don’t you answer when your mother calls you? That is your response. Don’t you pull your hands away from a hot object? That is also a response. All living things respond or react. Some animals attack us if we disturb them. It is their reaction. A jasmine plant flowers when it rains. This is the plant’s reaction. Some creepers move towards sunlight. They are reacting to sunlight.

When we play outdoors or walk in the garden a bee might sting us. Our skin will swell up and itch. This is our body’s reaction. Some leaves can also do this to our skin. We may touch some leaves and our skin will start itching. Some flowers can make us sneeze. When our body has a reaction like this we call it an allergy. Many children have dust allergy. Some sneeze or cough, some get wheezing and some get a cold if they go near dust like saw dust, pollen or fine sand.

Sometimes an allergy or a reaction can be dangerous, like our body’s reaction to a medicine. Some people react to some injections and medicines. So some medicines and injections are given in a small dose to see if the patient reacts. If he reacts, then he is not given that medicine or injection. This is called a test dose.

Children love rain and they are happy when it rains. The plants are also happy when it rains. Summer makes them very thirsty. Rain ends their thirst. For this reason some plants like lily come out only after it rains. When it rains they grow up from under the ground and have green leaves and saffron flowers. This is their reaction to rain.

Some liquids are called acids. We need some acids to digest the food. But if we have too much of it we get stomach ache. Do you remember the medicine that you get from school when you have a stomach ache? It is called gelusil. When it reaches your stomach, it will react with the acid and make it lose its power. Then you will lose your stomach ache also.

Like acids, there are other things that also react. We call them chemicals. The floor cleaner we use to clean the floor is a chemical. It reacts with the dirt and stains on the floor and makes them come off. Soap and shampoo contain chemicals. Chemicals are used to give colour to paints and crayons. All medicines contain chemicals. You can read their names on the cover.

We know that animals react to weather and climate. They also react to their enemies. When they meet their enemies, they get angry. We also get angry at times. A gift or a friend will make us happy. A joke will make us laugh or smile. Some stories can make us cry or even weep. A boring film will make us yawn. An interesting adventure story can thrill us. All these are our reactions.