Sorry, Shakespeare!

There was an odd issue which had been troubling me for days. I brought it up during my causal discussion with people who were aware of Shakespearean literature, though not in depth. Today, strangely, Debora, a Grade IX student brought it up. I instantly gave her my best compliments. What she asked me was why … Continue reading Sorry, Shakespeare!


Afternoon with Irish Cows

Scientists mostly ask questions about the world outside themselves. It is very rare that they question themselves or try to learn about themselves. There is no subjectivity here. But artists, on the other hand, keep questioning themselves and ask questions to themselves. They are introspective and want to know more about themselves. Poetry, for example, … Continue reading Afternoon with Irish Cows

Illusion and Reality in Macbeth

Illusion and Reality Illusion as a corollary of reality seems to be a favourite theme for Shakespeare. The theater itself is a world of illusion and Shakespeare talks endlessly about it. The news from the new world and the flood of Greek and Roman literature also would have influenced Shakespeare to explore this aspect of … Continue reading Illusion and Reality in Macbeth

The Dolphins by Carol Ann Duffy

The Dolphins by Carol Ann Duffy is a dramatic monologue uttered by a dolphin in an aquarium. We hear only the words of the dolphin. In very simple terms, the dolphin expresses its painful confinement which in turn symbolizes human condition and suffering. The poem pivots around the concept of freedom. Having made a general … Continue reading The Dolphins by Carol Ann Duffy

References to people and places in The Merchant of Venice

Abraham: Father of Laban and founder of the Jewish race. Issac and Laban were his sons. Jacob was his grandson Aeneas: Greek hero, founded Rome Alcides: Hercules, Greek hero famous for his feats Antipodes: Countries on the opposite side of the globe Barrabus: Jewish criminal who was exchanged for Jesus’s life Colchos: An island where … Continue reading References to people and places in The Merchant of Venice

An Inspector Calls

An Inspector Calls     An Inspector Calls by J B Priestly is an interesting play which thrills the reader in several different ways. Written in 1912, this play is a mixture of social criticism, religious idealism and family drama. The play opens in Mr. Birling's dining room where the family is hosting a dinner. … Continue reading An Inspector Calls

Summer Farm

Summer Farm by Norman MacCaig is a very philosophical poem. Like Frost’s poems, it has a deceptive simplicity about it. In the beginning the poet observes simple things around him but ends up in introspection. He realizes his own place in the universe. He looks at an ordinary pastoral scene. Living and non-living things attract his attention. He … Continue reading Summer Farm

How to write Book Reviews Movie Reviews and Radio Plays

Writing Book Reviews You can download any number of book reviews from the net. Times magazine publishes proper book reviews which could give you good models. There are five steps in writing a book review Choosing a book Reading it Taking down notes Planning and writing the first draft Final draft Choosing a book:  For … Continue reading How to write Book Reviews Movie Reviews and Radio Plays