Coming by Philip Larkin

How successful is Philip Larkin in depicting the transition between winter and summer? Change of seasons, an uncommon theme in modern poetry, is explored beautifully in , a poem by Philip Larkin. In its totality, it provides us with a real life experience of transition between two seasons. The title itself refers to transition and … Continue reading Coming by Philip Larkin


Afternoon with Irish Cows

Scientists mostly ask questions about the world outside themselves. It is very rare that they question themselves or try to learn about themselves. There is no subjectivity here. But artists, on the other hand, keep questioning themselves and ask questions to themselves. They are introspective and want to know more about themselves. Poetry, for example, … Continue reading Afternoon with Irish Cows

The Sea Eats the Land at Home

Notes by Sreekumar K Kofi Awoonor’s poem The Sea Eats the Land at Home, using a string of concrete visual images,  depicts the tragic picture of a people losing themselves and their belongings. It is possible that the poem has an allegorical slant too, since the poet does not say home on land but land … Continue reading The Sea Eats the Land at Home

The Dolphins by Carol Ann Duffy

The Dolphins by Carol Ann Duffy is a dramatic monologue uttered by a dolphin in an aquarium. We hear only the words of the dolphin. In very simple terms, the dolphin expresses its painful confinement which in turn symbolizes human condition and suffering. The poem pivots around the concept of freedom. Having made a general … Continue reading The Dolphins by Carol Ann Duffy

The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy

Explain The Darkling Thrush as an attempt by the poet to search for meaning. Thomas Hardy turned to writing poetry being accused of writing depressing and tragic novels. However, he continued in his sad strain even in his poetry, though at times he tried to mitigate his pessimism by referring to remote hopes. The Darkling … Continue reading The Darkling Thrush by Thomas Hardy

Stabat Mater by Sam Hunt

Stabat Mater by Sam Hunt is obtrusive by design since it is supposed to convey different levels of meaning and interpretation to the reader. To avoid making it sound simple the poet has used a peculiar structure, title and expressions. Autobiographical in meaning, it has a universal appeal beyond its subjectivity. Using a title which … Continue reading Stabat Mater by Sam Hunt