Writers’ Block

A theme is a broad idea, message, moral, universal truth or lesson expressed.

  1. Confidence vs. insecurities
  2. Overcoming fears
  3. Appreciation/ gratitude
  4. Acceptance/ tolerance
  5. Kindness
  6. Honesty
  7. Teamwork/ goals/ collaboration
  8. Overcoming adversities
  9. Loss of innocence/ Coming of age (Learning about the harsh realities of the world)
  10. Sacrifice (What will you do or say to save/ help someone else?)
  11. Nature vs. nurture
  12. Fall from grace (i.e., opening Pandora’s Box, tasting the forbidden fruit, etc.)
  13. Love (platonic – romantic)
  14. Friendship (How far will you go? Standing up for friends, etc.)
  15. Fate/ destiny (Are you in control of your fate? Is there such a thing?)
  16. Revenge (Good vs. bad outcomes, etc.)
  17. Taking advantage of…
  18. The unexplained (mysterious happenings which cannot be reasonably explained)
  19. The importance of education/ Intellectual education/ Moral education
  20. Bravery vs. cowardice
  21. Racism and prejudice
  22. Role of women, minorities, etc.
  23. Maturity vs. immaturity
  24. Social class structure/ inequalities/ poverty
  25. Code of conduct
  26. Privacy and security
  27. Uncertainty (Or, the impossibility of certainty)
  28. Life and death (mortality and immortality/ circle of life)
  29. The American Dream (Or, the decline of it)
  30. Time (the value of it)
  31. Social change
  32. Civilized vs. uncivilized society
  33. Hatred and regret
  34. Existence of good and/ or evil
  35. The power of one
  36. Innocence and experience
  37. Choices and possibilities
  38. Guilt vs. forgiveness
  39. Family bond/ loyalty
  40. Religion/ spirituality/ faith
  41. Heroism
  42. Freedom (Causes of/ consequences of…)
  43. Individuality vs. group
  44. Liberty and authority
  45. Fame and fortune
  46. Greed and selfishness
  47. Personal vs. public property
  48. Commitment (marriage, career, family, friends, responsibilities, etc.)
  49. Abuse (physically, emotionally, etc.)
  50. Life out of balance/ chaos vs. order
  51. Personal vs. group identity (how is it defined?)
  52. Beauty (is in the eye of the beholder)
  53. Life is short
  54. Alienation/ shunned from family, friends, life, society, etc.
  55. Value of life (in creatures big and small)
  56. Attraction
  57. Purpose of life
  58. 58.War vs. peace
  59. Betrayal/ breaking a bond
  60. Desire to escape
  61. Empowerment
  62. Communication: verbal and nonverbal
  63. Ignorance vs. knowledge
  64. Emptiness/ loneliness
  65. 65.Traditions vs. change
  66. 66.Government/ capitalism/ socialism/ communism/
  67. Responsibilities
  68. Crime and the law
  69. Peer pressure
  70. Human needs
  71. Patterns (in human interaction, nature, etc.)
  72. Conflict (Interpersonal, intrapersonal, etc.)
  73. Exploration
  74. Relationships (purpose of, etc.)
  75. Force (attracts, repels, influences of, causes of)